Three things the modern business needs to have per Veritas Inc Atlanta

In this post, Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the top three things that businesses need to have to be viable in today's marketplace.

In the modern world the list of things that every business should have has changed.  But there are still a number of things that every business should have, especially if it wants to be successful in the modern world.

1.     The ability to analyze
With so much of what we do online, it is absolutely necessary that a business have the ability to track and analyze customer data.  Knowing which of your campaigns are working is essential to developing proper marketing, and without proper data you could waste a lot of money on something that isn’t essential.

2.     Cloud storage
With so many employees on the move, and with an increasingly mobile customer base, it makes sense to keep business data in the cloud.  Tools like Evernote or DropBox allow you to share documents with your home laptop and work computer, or even take notes on your phone and send them to everyone on your team.  These applications allow you to store all of your important information in one spot and retrieve it with almost every electronic device on the market.

3.     Non-traditional communication
Having an office phone isn’t enough these days and what’s more, it’s expensive.  Cut your phone costs by incorporating applications like Skype or Go-To Meeting, which allow for audio and video chat with the ability to share and present your screen.  Utilize tools like Google voice to make sure that when someone does call your work number, all of your phones ring and if they miss you, their voicemail will be transcribed for you.

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