What Does Veritas Inc Do?

Veritas Inc Atlanta

Veritas Inc Atlanta is poised for growth in the last quarter of the fiscal year and is planning some big moves in the state of Georgia. In this post, management at Veritas Inc reviews the company's added value in the marketplace and why the company works. This post also covers what its like working for the corporation.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews the Value Proposition

Veritas Inc AtlantaVeritas Inc Atlanta adds something unique to Fortune 500 companies' marketing and sales campaigns. While a large company may excel in production, distribution, customer service, logistics, merchandising, etc., the value of a professional representative is unparalleled.

The service that the company provides is quite simple. Representatives of the company go out and meet a corporations customers face-to-face. Studies have shown that this not only increases sales on the front end, but also enhances the long term brand loyalty of customers and overall customer experience.

While many corporations are spending millions of dollars on commercials and advertising, the staff of this corporation is able to cut through those channels and go directly to the source...straight to the consumer. Dealing with customers face-to-face provides accountability and a degree of service unmatched by other means.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Expansion Strategy

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Since the services of the company are in high demand, the company must grow. In fact, the company cannot grow quickly enough. As the demand for services increases, so do the internal demands for upper management. In order to fill this demand, management at Veritas Inc reviews resumes by the hundreds, in search of fresh and motivated talent. The ideal candidate is someone who is internally driven, fiscally responsible, has a high degree of integrity and accountability, and is entrepreneurial.

Although the company starts an individuals career in an entry level position, don't think for a second that the job isn't challenging. While no one in the company will admit that there is such a thing as a "job," however you decide to classify the term, the work is definitely challenging. It takes a great deal of hard work, a positive mental outlook, problem solving abilities, and the ability to replicate and manage systems.

As the corporation hires fresh talent and trains those individuals to be at par with the ranks of other representative within the company, a merit-based advancement structure allows for only the top performers to accelerate their careers into the upper-ranks of management.

As a Veritas Inc employee is groomed into management, he or she is thoroughly trained in all aspects of sales, marketing theory and concepts, quality control, corporate finances, large team management, administration, salary analysis, reporting and data research, and campaign development.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Career Opportunities

Careers at the company past the entry level jobs and intermediate roles prove to be challenging, yet extremely rewarding. All managers are given several perks including, but not limited to:
  • Paid Vacations
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Profit Sharing
  • Health Benefits
  • Freedom of Schedule
  • Paid Time Off
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Regional and National Expansion Opportunities
Currently, there are more management opportunities within the corporation than the company has working. This provides the need to find motivated and ambitious individuals who can not only learn the functions of the company and demonstrate an excellent level of competency, but also learn how to coach, develop, mentor, and manage large teams of individuals to do the same.
Veritas Inc Atlanta
If you believe that you have the traits that Veritas Inc Atlanta is looking for, please review the company website veritasatlanta.com for additional information on how to apply. Back to Veritas Inc Atlanta GA blog.

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