Veritas Inc Atlanta Employee Reviews Advancement Opportunity

In this post, a Veritas Inc Atlanta employee reviews the upward mobility within the company's promotion structure. Over the last ten years, this company has been able to expand into over seventy five markets by utilizing this expansion model. In the opinion of the management team, it is the most efficient way to grow a company...internal promotions based on merit.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Employee Review
As an entry level employee begins training with the company, they are thoroughly educated in all aspects of in-person representation, sales, business negotiations, customer retention, territory management, lead generation, follow up, and customer retention.

Trish Griggs, Operations Management at Veritas Inc reviews this process. “At our company, employees' performance is reviewed on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. Not only does the corporation provide thorough training in all of their job duties as assigned, the company provides frequent feedback.”

A lot of times sales and marketing companies fail to provide open communication with their employees. In their opinion, they can just replace them if they don’t perform well.

Management frequently reviews all employees’ performance and invests time and resources in training each and every person in his or her role within the Atlanta-based marketing firm.

After an employee has completed his or her training at the entry level position, they are transitioned in to a mentor/coach role. They still perform their basic job duties, but are now put in charge of mentoring less experienced company employees.

The top performing employees are rewarded with advancement opportunities. A clear measure of effectiveness of all managers in any company in any industry is how well their team performs. It is no different at this company. One of the most common complaints is in regards to the company's standards. It turns out that most people just don't want to work very hard. This corporation just doesn't hire those people. Team leads are held to the highest expectations and industry standards.

As team leads become more effective and are able to demonstrate a consistent competency in large team management, they are migrated into an assistant management position within Veritas Inc Atlanta. Once an individual is an assistant manager, they will be groomed in all aspects of operations.

Trish Griggs, Operations Manager at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews this process:

Veritas Inc Atlanta Employee Reviews“When someone has learned the basics, they are promoted into a trainer’s role.

When someone learns how to train, we put them to the test.

After they have demonstrated a competency with that, we train them in operations.

The only logical thing left to do after that is to put that person in charge of our next client’s marketing and sales campaign.”

As training in operations only takes around four to six months, the feeling of stagnation that a lot of other sales companies promotion structures cause is simply a non-issue.

“We want to get our top performers into management spots….QUICKLY,” says Trish.

As there are a lot of entry level marketing opportunities out there, it is only natural for hopeful candidates to look for some employee reviews. Hopefully, this Veritas Inc Atlanta employee review of the company’s advancement opportunities will help you in your search. Good luck!

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