Lux et Veritas: Yale's Motto

Some people have asked what our company Veritas means. In this post, we will refer to the term 'lux et veritas' on the Yale University shield to answer that question and provide some perspective to Veritas' use in our company's name. Yale refers to the term in Hebrew, but it means the same in Latin.

Lux et Veritas

In Latin, the term means ‘truth.’ Furthermore, lux means ‘light’ in the same language. The term ‘lux et veritas’ means: light and truth. Although this seems fairly redundant, it is the motto of the Yale University Shield. I guess we can’t pick on this phrase too much. After all, we have a ton of phrases in the English language that are even more redundant. Baby kitten for instance?

lux et veritas meaning yale

At our company, we commonly hear ‘What does Veritas mean?’ Well, if you haven’t guessed it by now, it means ‘TRUTH.’

The Practice of Lux et Veritas in Business

Veritas Inc Atlanta constantly strives to better the overall efficiency of our services and provide more entrepreneurial advancement opportunities than any other company in the state. To take it a step further, we are dedicated to developing our employees into the future forerunners of our business. This can only be done through crystal clear expectations, effective communication, enhanced employer-employee relationships, and accountability.

Lux et veritas means clear communication at every level of business. At our company, we run a very transparent operation. Management at Veritas Inc reviews expectations and performance standing with every single employee on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Since only the top performers of the corporation get promoted into management positions, we believe that lux et veritas in regards to communication is key to our future success.

Along with communicating expectations, the management team of the company reviews the overall goals quite frequently throughout the course of doing business. Lux et veritas doesn’t just apply to Yale students, it also applies to the students of business mastery at our company in Atlanta. By communicating company goals of expansion, quality, and commitment in a clear way, employees develop more of a sense of team unity and commitment of their own. Many times, employers just put someone in a job and that person has no idea how they are contributing to the bigger picture. At our company, every employee isn’t just aware of how they contribute to the bigger goals, they are a part of them!

Lux: Practical and Metaphorical Definitions

I think it’s also important to note the true meaning of the work ‘lux’ as well as the metaphorical use of the word. In Latin, Lux means light. However, it has also been used metaphorically to mean – illuminating ignorance. Meaning, to shed light on a subject or inform. When used in this way, lux et veritas means to ‘tell the truth.’

Lux has also been used in the English language as a measure of light in a given area.

Although at Veritas Inc Atlanta, our motto isn’t lux et veritas, we felt that this was a neat reference to our company name. If Yale uses it as their motto on the university shield, it must be great!

We hope that this post has informed you well enough as to our name’s origin. All other questions can be discovered on our company website at Veritas Inc reviews corporate philosophy.

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