Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - A Day in the Life

Veritas Inc account managers have a lot of responsibilities within the Atlanta-based company. It is our intent to inform you of all of these daily tasks and responsibilities to really get a close look at a day-in-the-life of an employee of the company.

At the beginning of the day, probably the most ambitious staff members are the very first ones in. They use this time to talk about objectives and get coaching in skills that they wish to enhance. These early morning meet ups provide a lot in the way of a person's speed of advancement.

Just after that, team meetings are held to talk about the day-to-day, weekly, and monthly numbers.

A lot of emphasis is placed on goals and objectives. Veritas Inc staff always gets excited after these meetings. There is a lot of teamwork and enthusiasm at work.
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Morning Team Meetings

Right after team meetings are held, everybody meets up for a campaign meeting in which competitor data, pricing, and any campaign changes can be discussed. New targets are set and action items communicated.

All through the following hour, Account Managers go through a series of workshops and clinics to superior learn the psychology of customer behavior and sales methods. Correct customer retention methods are demonstrated by way of role play scenarios and group workshops.

In the finish on the workshops and meetings, Account Managers meet up as soon as far more in preparation for the rest of your everyday activities. Teams are setup and territories are completely communicated. Shortly soon after, group members go out and meet using the client’s shoppers and prospects within a face-to-face setting.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - Account Management

This job entails one on one interaction with customers. Whether or not it be a organization to small business campaigns or perhaps a business enterprise to consumer campaign, the responsibilities differ only slightly. Both strategies demand a person to meet with persons face to face. Although Veritas Inc teaches and coaches staff the best way to do this proficiently, an individual needs to naturally feel at ease speaking with other people.

During the day, individual meetings can take as small as 5 minutes, but can final up to a couple of hours. It all depends upon the customer’s needs. Considering the fact that the company isn’t concerned with just one-time purchasers, the staff affords as substantial time as required with every single client.

One of the rewards of the Account Manager position, is the sense of freedom during the day. The corporation does not set up cameras within a persons’ vehicle nor do they check up on employees many instances all through the day. The organization hires people that they will trust, then they let them accomplish their objectives. This gives an awesome sense of freedom within the position.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - End of Day Wrap-Up

veritas inc atlanta ga 30318
Daily Wrap-Up
In the end with the day as the Account Managers are returning back towards the office, the mood is light as well as the atmosphere is entertaining. Trainers get with trainees to talk about how their day went while other employees members finish the everyday workplace responsibilities. Some minutes later, it wouldn’t be out of your ordinary to see employees members playing a round of Pictionary or hangman around the whiteboards.

Immediately after all daily office responsibilities are fulfilled and also the trainees have been coached, the trainers hang back to get a few minutes to prepare for the following day’s events. Though a lot with the workshops and clinics are planned out early in the week, this time serves to update and tweak whatever the subsequent day’s training calls for.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318
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