How to communicate properly with people in power

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Speaking with people in power, or who have something that you want, is a difficult proposition. Whether it’s a boss, a customer, or a grant committee, this kind of thing often induces stress or anxiety, which can cause the very situation that you’re hoping to avoid. There are ways around this, and today we touch on some of the most effective ways to communicate with someone in power. In this post, Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews how to communicate properly with people in powerful positions.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews 4 Tips for Communicating with Managers

First of all, pay attention to what your body language is saying. Look confidently into the other person’s eyes, keep your arms uncrossed, and keep from fidgeting. In general, you want to come across as knowledgeable and confident, and your posture can go a long ways towards getting that message across.

Use “I” not “you” language. When someone uses the word “you” it often seems as if they are targeting the person they’re speaking to and it can come across as overly confrontational. It’s always better to say, “I feel as if I don’t have enough training to do my job,” rather than “you don’t give me enough training to do my job properly.”

Make sure that you know exactly what you’re going to say before you say it. Write it out before hand, or practice it, but whatever you do don’t just wing it. That’s the surest way to jumble up your words and ideas and not get your point across.

And lastly, don’t let your fear of failure hold you back. Failure is an opportunity to learn something new, and if you focus too much on how you could fail, you’re unlikely to be able to move forward and succeed.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Summary of Proper Communication

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