Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Salaries of Top Paying Careers

At Veritas Inc Atlanta, we believe that business is one of the best fields to get involved with if you’re interested in bringing in buckets of money with just a bachelor’s degree. True, top executives generally all have their M.B.A.s, but it’s certainly not a requirement for getting started in business, and even then experience may be your best bet at moving up the corporate ladder. In those post, Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the ten top paying business careers in America that are non-medical related.

It takes a lot of work to get into the high-paying fields in business, but those who have the drive and can put forth the effort would do well to look into fields like statistics, finances, and technology. It’s also good to start making connections early. Here are some of the top-paying jobs you can get into with a bachelor’s degree in business, along with their median salaries and major job functions.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Salaries

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Top Salaries in America

1. IT Project Manager, $95,000, Create project plans for new products, manage departments and quality

2. Business Development Manager, $82,000, Gather information to analyze competition and business opportunities

3. Senior Financial Analyst, $74,500, Analyze investment data

4. Regional Sales Manager, $71,200, Create goals and quotas for sales staff, determine new opportunities

5. Media Supervisor, $70,800, Supervise all media and ads, make advertising as efficient and effective as possible

6. Construction Project Manager, $69,200, Develop budgets and plans for building maintenance and construction

7. IT Business Analyst, $66,800, Analyze how IT system should function and communicate with technical staff

8. Account Executive, $64,600, Manage business relationships between companies and customers

9. Senior Accountant, $61,500, Analyze finances and determine profits, losses, and liabilities

10. Hotel General Manager, $60,00, Plan and manage all aspects of day-to-day hotel functionality.

I think management at Veritas Inc Atlanta salaries are up there somewhere as well. :)

Veritas Inc Atlanta Salaries of Top-Paying Professionals Review:

To summarize, most of all of these positions have high paying salaries. If money is not important to you, you are probably lying to yourself. Money isn't the MOST important thing to Veritas Inc Atlanta employees, but it is important, nonetheless. It provides you with additional tools and options to help people, more freedom, and the ability to create something truly unique in the world.

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