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Veritas Inc Atlanta

Veritas Inc Atlanta is poised for growth in the last quarter of the fiscal year and is planning some big moves in the state of Georgia. In this post, management at Veritas Inc reviews the company's added value in the marketplace and why the company works. This post also covers what its like working for the corporation.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews the Value Proposition

Veritas Inc AtlantaVeritas Inc Atlanta adds something unique to Fortune 500 companies' marketing and sales campaigns. While a large company may excel in production, distribution, customer service, logistics, merchandising, etc., the value of a professional representative is unparalleled.

The service that the company provides is quite simple. Representatives of the company go out and meet a corporations customers face-to-face. Studies have shown that this not only increases sales on the front end, but also enhances the long term brand loyalty of customers and overall customer experience.

While many corporations are spending millions of dollars on commercials and advertising, the staff of this corporation is able to cut through those channels and go directly to the source...straight to the consumer. Dealing with customers face-to-face provides accountability and a degree of service unmatched by other means.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Expansion Strategy

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Since the services of the company are in high demand, the company must grow. In fact, the company cannot grow quickly enough. As the demand for services increases, so do the internal demands for upper management. In order to fill this demand, management at Veritas Inc reviews resumes by the hundreds, in search of fresh and motivated talent. The ideal candidate is someone who is internally driven, fiscally responsible, has a high degree of integrity and accountability, and is entrepreneurial.

Although the company starts an individuals career in an entry level position, don't think for a second that the job isn't challenging. While no one in the company will admit that there is such a thing as a "job," however you decide to classify the term, the work is definitely challenging. It takes a great deal of hard work, a positive mental outlook, problem solving abilities, and the ability to replicate and manage systems.

As the corporation hires fresh talent and trains those individuals to be at par with the ranks of other representative within the company, a merit-based advancement structure allows for only the top performers to accelerate their careers into the upper-ranks of management.

As a Veritas Inc employee is groomed into management, he or she is thoroughly trained in all aspects of sales, marketing theory and concepts, quality control, corporate finances, large team management, administration, salary analysis, reporting and data research, and campaign development.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Career Opportunities

Careers at the company past the entry level jobs and intermediate roles prove to be challenging, yet extremely rewarding. All managers are given several perks including, but not limited to:
  • Paid Vacations
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Profit Sharing
  • Health Benefits
  • Freedom of Schedule
  • Paid Time Off
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Regional and National Expansion Opportunities
Currently, there are more management opportunities within the corporation than the company has working. This provides the need to find motivated and ambitious individuals who can not only learn the functions of the company and demonstrate an excellent level of competency, but also learn how to coach, develop, mentor, and manage large teams of individuals to do the same.
Veritas Inc Atlanta
If you believe that you have the traits that Veritas Inc Atlanta is looking for, please review the company website veritasatlanta.com for additional information on how to apply. Back to Veritas Inc Atlanta GA blog.

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Veritas Inc Management Tips

Every single business owner wants his business to be profitable and have highly valuable stocks. One of the most effective methods of doing this is through helping the business through better business management. Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia trains all employees on just that. There are always ways a business can become more efficient, increase productivity and earn more profits. It's so much easier to accomplish this when your business managers are performing properly. It is something that is going to take time but if you work at it diligently you are going to get to where you want to go. To make this happen it is important for your upper management to be more forward thinking and to be more action focused.

When it comes to management, we've all seen good and we've all seen bad managers. At Veritas Inc, we think its important to understand what both look like. Since this is more about the application of successful management principles, spend some time looking at the times and ways in which you offer feedback. Feedback shouldn't be solely negative, it needs to be positive as well.

Veritas Inc Atlanta

Sure, the people you hire are simply doing the things you are paying them to do. It can help so much more if you remind them of everything that they are doing correctly. Your feedback should also be constructive as well as positive. You want them to correct some things so be very specific about what you need to do and the ways in which they can do that. Some of the employees at Veritas Inc struggle with this, as many people do, but we have made it possible for all of our staff to learn how to coach in a constructive manner. We've created a systematic way to be sure that every interaction with your employees is effective.

veritas inc

It is quite common for managers to not want to fess up when they've made mistakes. The covering of tracks or using deceit to get out of things isn't going to fool anybody. There are adults in the workforce and most of them are smart enough to see what's going on. You can actually build your reputation and credibility when you have the guts to call things for what they are including your own mistakes.

At Veritas Inc, we believe that when you do this, people are going to believe that you are open, honest and courageous. It will take time to realize it but the effect you have is going to be huge and far reaching. Still, it does wonders for performance and attitude.

In order to keep climbing the ladder of success and to be a better manager you need to take some important steps. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have finished learning. Your learning curve is big and you have all sorts of ways in which you can improve. For example, look at communications.

Veritas Inc Atlanta, GA

Effective communication takes real time and effort to learn. At Veritas Inc, the management team coaches all management trainees on effective communication. It is possible to learn new management principles as well as ideas as is simply redefining and honing the knowledge you've already gotten for yourself. Not only will you benefit greatly from this, your superiors will probably take note too.

There is a solution to every problem that exists within the world of successful business management. It is not unusual for managers to have to figure out how to deal with sets of unusual circumstances and in a strict time frame. This is why you need to be able to adapt quickly and be flexible in the way you think about things. All the while you must exert your managerial style and presence. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you are as consistent as you can be as you manage your business, even if it isn't Veritas Inc.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - A Day in the Life

Veritas Inc account managers have a lot of responsibilities within the Atlanta-based company. It is our intent to inform you of all of these daily tasks and responsibilities to really get a close look at a day-in-the-life of an employee of the company.

At the beginning of the day, probably the most ambitious staff members are the very first ones in. They use this time to talk about objectives and get coaching in skills that they wish to enhance. These early morning meet ups provide a lot in the way of a person's speed of advancement.

Just after that, team meetings are held to talk about the day-to-day, weekly, and monthly numbers.

A lot of emphasis is placed on goals and objectives. Veritas Inc staff always gets excited after these meetings. There is a lot of teamwork and enthusiasm at work.
veritas inc reviews
Morning Team Meetings

Right after team meetings are held, everybody meets up for a campaign meeting in which competitor data, pricing, and any campaign changes can be discussed. New targets are set and action items communicated.

All through the following hour, Account Managers go through a series of workshops and clinics to superior learn the psychology of customer behavior and sales methods. Correct customer retention methods are demonstrated by way of role play scenarios and group workshops.

In the finish on the workshops and meetings, Account Managers meet up as soon as far more in preparation for the rest of your everyday activities. Teams are setup and territories are completely communicated. Shortly soon after, group members go out and meet using the client’s shoppers and prospects within a face-to-face setting.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - Account Management

This job entails one on one interaction with customers. Whether or not it be a organization to small business campaigns or perhaps a business enterprise to consumer campaign, the responsibilities differ only slightly. Both strategies demand a person to meet with persons face to face. Although Veritas Inc teaches and coaches staff the best way to do this proficiently, an individual needs to naturally feel at ease speaking with other people.

During the day, individual meetings can take as small as 5 minutes, but can final up to a couple of hours. It all depends upon the customer’s needs. Considering the fact that the company isn’t concerned with just one-time purchasers, the staff affords as substantial time as required with every single client.

One of the rewards of the Account Manager position, is the sense of freedom during the day. The corporation does not set up cameras within a persons’ vehicle nor do they check up on employees many instances all through the day. The organization hires people that they will trust, then they let them accomplish their objectives. This gives an awesome sense of freedom within the position.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318 - End of Day Wrap-Up

veritas inc atlanta ga 30318
Daily Wrap-Up
In the end with the day as the Account Managers are returning back towards the office, the mood is light as well as the atmosphere is entertaining. Trainers get with trainees to talk about how their day went while other employees members finish the everyday workplace responsibilities. Some minutes later, it wouldn’t be out of your ordinary to see employees members playing a round of Pictionary or hangman around the whiteboards.

Immediately after all daily office responsibilities are fulfilled and also the trainees have been coached, the trainers hang back to get a few minutes to prepare for the following day’s events. Though a lot with the workshops and clinics are planned out early in the week, this time serves to update and tweak whatever the subsequent day’s training calls for.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA 30318
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW #20 Atlanta, GA 30318 404-355-3486

Veritas Inc Atlanta in 2014

Veritas Inc Atlanta

Veritas Inc Atlanta will be making some big moves in 2014. In this post, we will cover what all is in store for future expansion and new open positions within the company. The corporation is already one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the United States and has been ranked as one of the best places to work in Atlanta...here's why.

veritas inc atlanta
Veritas Inc
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW #20
Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 355-3486

Opportunities at Veritas Inc Atlanta

People don't work at this corporation for the free coffee, they work here for the opportunity. Several clients are awaiting representation and are eager to get the ball rolling. However great the need for expansion, the staff members always will remain true to our core beliefs of professionalism and integrity.

While it may be easier for some companies or individuals to try and take shortcuts, we have found that doing things the right way, always looking for the win-win outcomes, and providing the highest quality of representation in Atlanta has been the key to our overwhelming success in recent years.

This philosophy has afforded our expansion into over seventy-five different markets and cities while representing dozens of Fortune 500 companies' sales and marketing campaigns.

It doesn't stop there, though. Many more companies are waiting for their turn. The question isn't CAN WE grow this thing...the question is HOW BIG CAN WE GET and HOW QUICKLY CAN WE GET THERE?

The opportunities at Veritas Inc Atlanta don't necessarily stop at management. As the company continues to grow and expand, we will constantly be in need of regional managers and national marketing directors to help oversee further expansion...possibly into European markets.

For more information on what we have in store for this upcoming year, be sure to visit Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia goals and milestones on our auxiliary website designed with job-seekers in mind.

The meaning of 'veritas' means Truth in Latin. Click here to see for yourself. We believe truth to mean more than just on the surface. We believe it to mean doing business with the highest level of integrity. Truth in everything that we do as a company. Truth in the possibilities and opportunities. Truth in ourselves as individuals and professionals.

In truth, lies power....

The Future of Veritas Inc Atlanta

The future of the company lies in the dedication and commitment of our employees and managing partners. As we continue to review several new and exciting opportunities in major markets with major companies, we continue to put all of our focus on training our account managers to be future managing partners within the company.

With our current team, the future of Veritas Inc Atlanta looks very bright. However, we will continue to need more managers as we continue to expand. What does this mean to our entry level account managers? You guessed it...opportunity.

Thanks for reading our Veritas Inc Atlanta 2014 post.

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Lux et Veritas: Yale's Motto

Some people have asked what our company Veritas means. In this post, we will refer to the term 'lux et veritas' on the Yale University shield to answer that question and provide some perspective to Veritas' use in our company's name. Yale refers to the term in Hebrew, but it means the same in Latin.

Lux et Veritas

In Latin, the term means ‘truth.’ Furthermore, lux means ‘light’ in the same language. The term ‘lux et veritas’ means: light and truth. Although this seems fairly redundant, it is the motto of the Yale University Shield. I guess we can’t pick on this phrase too much. After all, we have a ton of phrases in the English language that are even more redundant. Baby kitten for instance?

lux et veritas meaning yale

At our company, we commonly hear ‘What does Veritas mean?’ Well, if you haven’t guessed it by now, it means ‘TRUTH.’

The Practice of Lux et Veritas in Business

Veritas Inc Atlanta constantly strives to better the overall efficiency of our services and provide more entrepreneurial advancement opportunities than any other company in the state. To take it a step further, we are dedicated to developing our employees into the future forerunners of our business. This can only be done through crystal clear expectations, effective communication, enhanced employer-employee relationships, and accountability.

Lux et veritas means clear communication at every level of business. At our company, we run a very transparent operation. Management at Veritas Inc reviews expectations and performance standing with every single employee on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Since only the top performers of the corporation get promoted into management positions, we believe that lux et veritas in regards to communication is key to our future success.

Along with communicating expectations, the management team of the company reviews the overall goals quite frequently throughout the course of doing business. Lux et veritas doesn’t just apply to Yale students, it also applies to the students of business mastery at our company in Atlanta. By communicating company goals of expansion, quality, and commitment in a clear way, employees develop more of a sense of team unity and commitment of their own. Many times, employers just put someone in a job and that person has no idea how they are contributing to the bigger picture. At our company, every employee isn’t just aware of how they contribute to the bigger goals, they are a part of them!

Lux: Practical and Metaphorical Definitions

I think it’s also important to note the true meaning of the work ‘lux’ as well as the metaphorical use of the word. In Latin, Lux means light. However, it has also been used metaphorically to mean – illuminating ignorance. Meaning, to shed light on a subject or inform. When used in this way, lux et veritas means to ‘tell the truth.’

Lux has also been used in the English language as a measure of light in a given area.

Although at Veritas Inc Atlanta, our motto isn’t lux et veritas, we felt that this was a neat reference to our company name. If Yale uses it as their motto on the university shield, it must be great!

We hope that this post has informed you well enough as to our name’s origin. All other questions can be discovered on our company website at Veritas Inc reviews corporate philosophy.

A Few Veritas Inc Complaints

Read Veritas Inc complaints, opinions, and philosophy regarding the economy all right here! Management at the corporation isn't one to complain very often, but I think it's pertinent to discuss the drawbacks of living in today's shrinking middle class. In this post, Veritas reviews the huge shift in the economic climate in America and the things that have led to this dilemma. You won't find many complaints about the way that things are going in America. Just a few...

Middle America is shrinking. This is a fact. You can't see it happening, but if you look back, you will see a dramatic difference. Just like the polar ice caps are shrinking, and there is evidence of this fact, so is the middle-class in America.

Veritas Inc Complaint #1

A very select few hold most of the wealth in America. Watch this video and see for yourself. It's sheds light on what very few people realize.

Veritas Inc Complaints

After watching this video, it should be plain to see that this Veritas Inc complaint is justifiable. Many Americans are working harder than ever, with less total wealth accumulated than before. But what has caused this and what can we do about it??

Wondering what we meant by naming our company Veritas Inc Atlanta? Refer to our next post.

Veritas Inc Complaint #2

The government is heavily influenced by special interest groups and lobbyists who are ultimately controlled by large corporations. Capitalism's influence in the government has been an ongoing problem in America, but it hasn't gotten any better. It turns out that companies with deep pockets can pull the strings of our nation.

Government is supposed to represent the people, not the corporations. The average American does not have as loud of a voice as he/she once did. But who is to blame??

Veritas Inc Complaint #3

Although fairly ironic in a blog post titled "A Few Veritas Inc Complaints," it is a fact that complaining and blaming will not actually FIX anything. Neither will these grievances. We have to ACT! We could blame pretty much anyone or any group for what has happened to the economy (there are a lot of parties at fault), but the real question should be, "How do I get myself into the upper tier of top earners in America?"
Veritas Inc Complaint

If someone says, "Money isn't important to me," then they are probably broke. They are simply justifying their situation. Although money may not be the end-all be-all, it is important to everyone. In T Harv Eker's book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," Eker makes a funny remark on this justification. He says that someone should try paying their water bill with 'love' or 'being a good person.' Quite funny.

The fact of the matter is that we as Americans continue to do what we have always done. We have been told to go get a secure job and to do a great job so we don't get laid off. We are told to save money, invest, and diversify. Our company offers something a little bit different. This stirs up the masses.

While this may be sound advice, it is important to note that most people dislike their jobs. It is also important to note that most Americans don't have enough money saved to retire when they are ready to do so.

So how do we get into the top 1%? How do we play by their rules and win at the '1 percenter's' game?

The answer: Do something that the majority of Americans are NOT doing. If you want what other people have (which isn't much), then do what other people do. If you want something different than what 99% of people have, than do what 99% of people don't. It's that simple. Our company does what most people won't and has made a tremendous business out of it.

Veritas Inc Complaints: A Final Review

Unfortunately while this might seem like an easy solution, most people will continue going to work, hating their jobs, and live paycheck to paycheck - not saving any money. Why? Because its easier.

Management at our company reviews several methods of acquiring wealth with the company's employees frequently. Through perseverance, determination, leveraging skill with work ethic, and finding a niche in the market, any person CAN become successful by his or her own personal definition of the word success.

What are you waiting for? You only have one life. Start living. Start achieving!

Thank you for reading a few Veritas Inc complaints. If you would like to be a part of the expansion of a booming industry of outsourced sales and marketing, find your niche in the market, and gain an avenue for success, apply to one of our open positions here.